Home Ownership Program

Our Home Ownership Program is a program that we've developed to qualify people who are not able to get a loan from a bank right now, but want to stop renting and throwing their money away.  If qualified we'll buy you a home!  You will have ALL the equitable rights to that home.  Live in it, improve it, make it the way you want............and at the same time, fix up your credit to get a loan.

Q & A

Please be sure to thoroughly read through our site for all the information about who we are and what our program is all about.  Then, if you are interested and feel that you may qualify for our Home Ownership Program, give us a call!

We would also encourage you to visit our Testimonial page to read through what others have to say and also to watch the testimonial video.


Straight Talk

Currently Owned Home offered under our Home Ownership Program!

We are now offering a Currently Owned Home at 423 Lincoln Ave under our amazing Home Ownership Program.

This Home will NOT last long and you will be able to get a GREAT DEAL!!!

This home has 2 bedrooms...

Apr 27, 2021

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