Currently Owned Home Level

Once in a while, sometimes a great while, we offer a "Currently Owned Home" (a home already owned by Booth Corp.) under our Home Ownership Program. Because we currently own that property, we do not have to contend with negotiations, closing costs, fees, etc. That gives us the ability to offer our qualified candidates an even greater deal on that specific property.

Please understand that these are not the only properties that are available.

  If you qualify for the Open Market Level, you have the possibility to choose a home, within your financial means, out in the Open Market - meaning ANY house for sale whether it's a listing by a realtor through the MLS, for sale by owner, foreclosure or private sales, is a potential house for you and your family! 

To begin your qualification process, just give us a call to talk with us more and set up an Informational Meeting.

Straight Talk

OWN A HOME...even with bad/no credit!

stop throwing money away on rent

STOP THROWING $ AWAY on rent - OWN INSTEAD, even with Ba...

Aug 31, 2016

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