Investment Opportunities

Our Desire To Look For Partners

Our businesses were started on an idea of investing our time, energy, and what little money we had to make more.  As our success grew in rental properties it gave us the opportunities to invest in other real estate ventures, beyond just single family rentals.  We found other ventures, other partners who had ideas, other great investments that brought us into other aspects of real estate, multi family, commercial, storage units, restaurants, health clubs, and trucking.

In keeping this open mindset of thinking outside the box, we welcome the opportunity to talk with other people who have great ideas for us in which to invest.

  • People who may have a business already established, but want to look into buying the real estate necessary to run their business out of their own building, or even to buy the building they are currently renting.
  • An entrepreneur who needs some financial assistance in finding and purchasing the right real estate for their venture.
  • A contractor who has the skills to remodel a home for resale (Flip) but is not able to get a loan from a bank to buy a property.

Come and talk with us, and maybe, we’ll think it’s a great idea also and decide to invest with you!

We are looking right now!

Even now we are searching for investors here in Norfolk, as well as in other viable areas who wish to become partners with us.  Someone with the ability, finances, and desire to learn and implement our Home Ownership Program and receive the rights to offer this program to those areas and make us both very successful!



My name is Jim Booth, President of Booth Corp.

I hope you have had a chance to look through the rest of our site so you will understand who we are as a company.

For now, I wish to be honest and blunt about who we are looking for.

I am not necessarily looking for the “Beginner”, unless you are exceptional and believe you are very motivated, financially secure, and have passion and determination for real estate, because these can always make up for some lack of experience.

”We have all started out as beginners at one time, I know!”

You may be a landlord, a business owner, a realtor with investment ideas or even a business type person who has always wanted to get involved with real estate investing.

This is an opportunity to expand your business or start a business that will be owned 100% by you, but with the added support of a recognized program, time tested systems, and an established method of doing great business.

I know this may sound out of the ordinary, and our Home Ownership Program is quite out of the ordinary, but for the right people, it is worth the investigation.  We have developed this program to be quite extraordinary for every community we offer it in.

Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.

I didn’t get here by just looking at what’s in front of me and I am looking for others just like that.

Our unique program and partnership will be for the investors who are not afraid to learn new concepts of buying, selling, and managing real estate. With Booth Corp. you will be your own boss with the foundation of our program, our training, and our systems.

Having the rights to offer this unique program will be an opportunity to be the first in your area.

Our success here in the Norfolk area has proven that Booth Corp.’s Home Ownership Program will be successful in any community and I am looking for the right partners to help us do just that!  Monetary start-up investment will be negligible compared to the time and effort needed.  I am not looking to have someone hand me money. We are looking for someone who wants to work and make us both successful, and in turn, a lot of money.

It is hard to convey just through our site who we want to have as partners, so please understand the brief synopsis I have given so far and contact me.

If you think you are such an investor, I would enjoy talking with you about this great opportunity for the both of us!

James C. Booth
President / Broker
Booth Corp.

Simply put, I have a program and a concept that needs great partners.