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  Position: Marketing Director

We need a person who is an extravert, a marketing/social media savvy person who recognizes the importance of "Presence" to spread the knowledge of our program.  Our Home Ownership Program changes lives!  If you've ever owned a home, you can  understand how profoundly a home can positively change a family's life.........Financially, as well as Psychologically.

It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of someone's life changing situation.

This is what Booth Corp. can, and has, offered to many people and families, and we need the right person to spread this word.

Full Time potential.

Commission, with a salary base in the future.

You "need" to want to work hard and having your income be based on how hard you work, because for the right person............Your income is limitless!  I want to share the profits with the right person!  A lot of profit, but it all depends on you.

"We have the means, do You have the will"?

If you think you are that person, please submit your resume to me via email to for review.  I will contact those I am interested in talking with further.

Thank you!

Straight Talk

OWN A HOME...even with bad/no credit!

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Aug 31, 2016

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