The Right Person to fill these positions

If you have any interest in joining our TEAM in any one of these positions, Please call me directly so we may talk further:  Jim Booth  402-841-0211

Position: Maintenance Assistant


We are in search of a Maintenance Assistant to work with our TEAM, to manage the day to day maintenance issues and upkeep of all our properties.  We want to find someone who is willing to work hard, reliable, self-motivated, knowledgeable on maintenance of houses and apartments, and is able to communicate completely and efficiently. They must have their own basic tools.  We want someone with the ability and willingness to work flexible hours, but mostly days and some weekends.  They must also possess time management and organizational skills to be able to work on this scale of maintenance management.  Our decision, the pay scale and structure, will be determined by someone’s experience and overall professionalism.

 Position: Cleaning Supervisor

Cleaning, as needed, of all our properties.

Improving and conditioning our properties to the standard we uphold for each rental property.

We want someone who is willing to clean and condition of our properties, plus more!  More, because Booth Corp. is growing, and to do that we must have a Team that wishes to grow with us!  Growing means changes, being flexible, and adaptable for those growing “pains”.  Each position will be influencing these changes and developing systems that will help everyone to grow and make more money!


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