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Clarkson Home Ownership Testimonial

Tom & Serena C.

Home Ownership Program Partners



If you're ok with throwing money down the drain, $800, $900, $1,200 a month...that's great, but we're not. We went from renting to learning how to budget, to controlling our credit, to taking away spending that isn't needed, to putting things into our house and learning how even just the little things can make our house worth more. Booth Corp made our dream of one day owning a home, into a reality!

If you are honest people that want a home, it's worth going to Booth Corp to get a house. We all have our flaws, he works with people individually. It's worth giving him a chance.

Pereda Home Ownership Program Testimonial

Katie & Raul P.

Home Ownership Program Graduates


I would like to take the time to give a HUGE thank you to Booth Corp. Today, we closed on our house. Anyone who has bad credit and is looking to get back on track and purchase a home, please contact Booth Corp. Without them, we would not be in the house we are in today! Thank you, Booth Corp, for all your help and extreme amount of patience you guys have had with us these last 4 years.


Additional Testimonials from Home Ownership Program Candidates:

“We heard about Booth Corp’s Home Ownership Program and we thought it was too good to be true. We found out more about it and now, with their help, we are finally living in our own home.”
~ Qualified Candidate

"Bankruptcy messed up our finances really bad. There was no hope for us to get a house. A bank would not give us a loan and because of that we thought we would be renting forever, but Booth Corp. gave us a third option, and now we are living in our own home!"
~ Qualified Candidate

"We never thought it would be possible to own a home right now, but Booth Corp's Home Ownership Program made it a reality for us!"
~ Qualified Candidate

"We would recommend Booth Corp. to anyone who has gotten themselves in a bad credit situation but still wants to own a home."
~ Qualified Candidate

“We had bad credit, so we had given up on owning a home right now, until Booth Corp’s Home Ownership Program came along”
~ Qualified Candidate

"A foreclosure had ruined our credit. A bank would not give us a loan right now, so we thought we would have to rent, but Booth Corp. gave us a third choice, and now we have our own home again!"
~ Qualified Candidate

Straight Talk

OWN A HOME...even with bad/no credit!

stop throwing money away on rent

STOP THROWING $ AWAY on rent - OWN INSTEAD, even with Ba...

Aug 31, 2016

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