We have had some incredible stories with beautiful endings for our candidates! Why not talk with us to be the next success story?

More Testimonials

Additional Testimonials from Home Ownership Program Candidates:

“We heard about Booth Corp’s Home Ownership Program and we thought it was too good to be true. We found out more about it and now, with their help, we are finally living in our own home.”
~ Qualified Candidate

"Bankruptcy messed up our finances really bad. There was no hope for us to get a house. A bank would not give us a loan and because of that we thought we would be renting forever, but Booth Corp. gave us a third option, and now we are living in our own home!"
~ Qualified Candidate

"We never thought it would be possible to own a home right now, but Booth Corp's Home Ownership Program made it a reality for us!"
~ Qualified Candidate

"We would recommend Booth Corp. to anyone who has gotten themselves in a bad credit situation but still wants to own a home."
~ Qualified Candidate

“We had bad credit, so we had given up on owning a home right now, until Booth Corp’s Home Ownership Program came along”
~ Qualified Candidate

"A foreclosure had ruined our credit. A bank would not give us a loan right now, so we thought we would have to rent, but Booth Corp. gave us a third choice, and now we have our own home again!"
~ Qualified Candidate

Straight Talk

Currently Owned Home offered under our Home Ownership Program!

We are now offering a Currently Owned Home at 423 Lincoln Ave under our amazing Home Ownership Program.

This Home will NOT last long and you will be able to get a GREAT DEAL!!!

We are hosting an OPEN H...

Apr 27, 2021

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