5 Reasons To Choose Our Home Ownership Program

5 Reasons To Choose Our Home Ownership Program

July 01, 2021

Putting Money Towards Your Own Home:

The money that you are paying right now for rent could very well be going towards your own home. Instead of renting while you improve your finances to get a home loan from a bank eventually, you could be putting your money towards your own home while at the same time working on improving your finances. You might end up paying less for a property than if you rented that same property. And even if you end up paying more, your money is going towards owning that home. You would not be paying for a service (renting); you would be paying for your own home!

Pride of Ownership:

It is not just another piece of property. When you get your own home, it becomes YOURS. Any home can feel good, but it is a far better feeling when the home actually belongs to you. Whether it is a simple home, or a castle, buying a home represents a dream accomplished. From first-time homebuyers to people who want to simply upgrade to the home they have always wanted, it is a dream come true. No matter your lifestyle or what you do for a living, your life ultimately revolves around your home.

Building Equity:

Equity is the difference between what you owe on a property and what it is actually worth. Over time, as homeowners make their house payments and build up equity, which can amount to a sizable amount of cash, they owe less on a house that is worth more. Even financial planners say buying a house is a smart idea for people who want to build wealth over the long run!

You Would Be Out of Renting (Throwing Your Money Away):

Sometimes renting is a must-do due to a short period of stay, a difficult financial situation, or just because the bank will not give you a loan for a home right now. Even if you are in a stable financial situation in the present, if you have less than perfect credit, the bank will not consider you for a home loan. With our Home Ownership Program, we want to offer people a third choice and the opportunity to start investing in their own home instead of renting and throwing their money away.

Booth Corp’s Expertise:

Booth Corp. has been in the Real Estate business for over 30 years. We have invested in residential and commercial property, and we have also invested in business ventures such as storage units, fitness clubs, and restaurants. We know the real estate market inside and out. That valuable expertise will be available to you in every step of the qualification and, more importantly, the negotiation and purchasing process. Great deals are everywhere! You will find this out once you qualify for our Home Ownership Program and start looking for your home out in the open market. You may even find we can get you instant equity!

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