We see our qualified candidates as our investment! We do not qualify our candidates based on their credit scores. We understand that just because someone has bad credit, or no credit at all, does not always mean that they are in a bad financial situation. We qualify our candidates based on an individual basis of "who they are" and what their situation is all about, which we will analyze throughout our qualification process.


The first step in our qualification process is to call us and set up an Informational Meeting. During that meeting we will give you an overall view of the program, how it works, and what you have to do to get started. If you are interested in setting up the informational meeting, you can contact us via email, or you can give us a call.   

Booth Corp. Office: (402) 644-8320

Everywhere in Nebraska

Every town in Nebraska

Every county in Nebraska


We can adjust our program to consider anywhere our candidates wish to live. It all depends on our candidates situation and comfort range.

We have been in the same situation as a lot of our candidates! We have had bad credit. We have rented and thrown our money away, but through real estate, we have become better with it!

We have developed this exciting Home Ownership Program to work with people who we say are stuck “In the Middle”. They want to get out of renting but cannot get a loan from a bank right now.

We are not a bank; we are a private, Nebraska-based company. We base our qualification criteria on an individual basis. We understand that just because you have less than perfect credit does not mean you are in an unstable financial situation in the present.

Everyone who is renting can potentially be qualified through us and have the possibility of living in a home of their own. Do not fall into the trap of disqualifying yourself from our program because you think you know what a bank is looking for. Do not discount yourself because you feel you cannot qualify for our Home Ownership Program; let us talk with you first.

Unlike banks, we consider qualifying people who:

Have bad credit

Have no credit at all

Have had or are going through a foreclosure or bankruptcy

Have just started a new job

Have just moved or are in the process of moving

Have gone through a divorce, a sickness, loss of a job in the past

We understand. Life happens! Do not let that stuff stop you from owning a home!

To get out of Renting and Throwing Your Money Away:

Whatever you are paying right now for rent ($800, $900, $1,500, $2,500 or more) will not give you ANY Return on your Investment. That is $9,600, $10,800, $18,000, $30,000, or more you throw away every year!

Build Equity:

Under our Home Ownership Program, you will have All the equitable rights to your home!. (Equity is the difference between what you owe on a property and what it is actually worth). Over time, that can amount to a HUGE Return on your Investment.

Pay Down on the Principal:

Each month a small portion of your payment will go toward the principal amount of what you owe. Therefore you owe less and less on a house that is worth more and more.

Have Stability and Security:

You will not have to be afraid that a landlord will ask you to leave or not renew your lease because they need the property back or they want to sell it. Your Home Ownership Program agreement will protect you from all of that. As long as everything is followed, you will have no fears of ever having to move because someone else decided it.

Return on Investment when Renting at $1,200 Scenario

Cost of house owned by Landlord: $100,000 (3 bedroom)

Monthly rent paid to Landlord: $1,200

x 12 months: $14,400

Living in the house for 5 years:

x 5 years: $72,000 paid to Landlord

This is a Return on your Investment of 00 %

* Use your own real life numbers, but your Return on Investment always comes out the same.

In our Home Ownership Program, details will be revealed in the qualification process. In most cases, the Return on your Investment is in the hundreds of percent!

Stocks = 12%

Mutual funds = 5%

CD's = 4%

UNLIMITED!  It all depends on our candidates’ personal and financial situation. Under our Home Ownership Program, we can qualify candidates for houses that range from $60,000 to $200,000 to over $500,000. . Any house, in any price range, may be an option under our Home Ownership Program, it all just depends on our candidate "Comfort Range".


First of all, we developed our Home Ownership Program to be on such an INDIVIDUAL BASIS that we don’t necessarily have set qualifications.

It all depends on "who you are" and "what your situation is all about"!

However, you do need to have...

The ABILITY to own a home

The DESIRE and DETERMINATION to want to change your life

Financial stability and a Financial Commitment to invest to get the home

The ability to get your own home loan from a bank within a 5-year period.

Their is no HIDDEN CATCH.  We have the ability to invest in real estate and more importantly, invest in people.  Yes, we do make money at this, but it is our hope to help get our qualified candidates out of renting and the unstable situation it has them in.  

I guess THE CATCH is, you MUST have the desire and ability to change your current situation........it is that simple

Real estate has been life changing for us.  Just look at what we have been able to do because we got out of renting and did whatever it took to buy a home.  We know it can be a huge change for you too.  Give us a call and lets see if we can buy you a home.


                                                                 - Jim Booth