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Marketing Assistant

                                                                                          Marketing Assistant

                                                                    We are searching for our next Great Team Member

We are searching for someone with an adventurous spirit to take on our Marketing strategies fulltime – Social media, website, promotions for our Home Ownership Program, and much more.  You need to be hard working, detail oriented, possess the strength and resolve to immerse yourself into a very vital position of influence - to guide the marketing direction of our company.  We need for you to want to make a lot of money!

If this is you, then this position will be your new career! This is not a learning position, it is one that demands experience and understanding of social media development and implementation, organization, social presence and skills to meet with, work with, and help people.

This is a salary paid position with the opportunity for Profit Sharing.  We are located in Norfolk, Nebraska, and as such we need for you to live in or close to Norfolk.

Please send me your resume and a cover letter for review. I will contact the people I wish to set talk further with. 

Benefits include; Salary, company vehicle, business CC, vacation time.......and if shown to be vital enough.....then more and more profit sharing.

        "Real Estate can take you WHEREVER you want to go!"

If this person is you, please email me your resume and I may want to talk with you.

Jim Booth: