Booth Corp is EXPANDING!

Booth Corp is EXPANDING!

August 20, 2021

Since it's inception in 2009 our Home Ownership Program has dealt with over $5.6 Million in combined real estate for our candidates and our candidates have accumulated $904 Thousand in combined equity – that is THEIR MONEY! Our original idea was to offer our program to people in Norfolk and the surrounding areas.  However, we are proud to announce that we are NOW expanding our Home Ownership Program to people in ALL of Nebraska. Families from everywhere in Nebraska are now able to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. 

Some ask if this is just another Rent-to-own process. It is so much more than that!  Our qualification process is caring about who our candidates are and what their situation is all about.  We discuss ideas of budgeting, comfort ranges, equity build up, safety and security, and Pride in ownership, let alone the paths to getting a loan within a 5-year period.  All of this and more are looked at, evaluated, and considered when qualifying, because “We never want to put someone in a situation where they are going to fail”.

Our Home Ownership Program is a new look on how someone can get out of renting into a home of their own – while they fix up their credit, so when a bank finally does say “We’ll give you a loan now”, they get to say “Great, because I want to buy the home I’ve been living in and making our own”!

The decision to expand our Home Ownership Program was based on our desire to help more people in their quest to own a home and our search to find more people to buy homes for.

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